DEGREES OF RELATIONSHIP According to Civil Law and Canon Law

This chart shows degree of relationship between you ("Self") and other relatives. The chart does not show relationship between others on the chart. To determine those relationships, place another person in the "Self" box.

c = Cousin
r = number of times removed
e.g. "1c 1r" is First Cousin, Once Removed. Note that different relatives can have the same relationship to you. For example, the child of your First Cousin and the child of your Great Uncle, are both your First Cousin, Once Removed.
The chart may be extended by adding columns and rows.
 3rd Great Grandparents          
 3rd Great Grand Uncle/Aunt
 2nd Great Grandparents          2nd Great Grand Uncle/Aunt  1c 4r
 Great Grandparents        Great Grand Uncle/Aunt  1c 3r  2c 3r
 Grandparents      Great Uncle/Aunt  1c 2r  2c 2r  3c 2r
 Parents    Uncle/Aunt  1c 1r  2c 1r  3c 1r  4c 1r
 SELF  Brother/Sister  1st Cousin  2nd Cousin  3rd Cousin  4th Cousin  5th Cousin
 Children  Niece/Nephew  1c 1r  2c 1r  3c 1r  4c 1r  5c 1r
 Grandchildren  Grand Niece/Nephew  1c 2r  2c 2r  3c 2r  4c 2r  5c 2r
 Great Grandchildren  Great Grand Niece/Nephew  1c 3r  2c 3r  3c 3r  4c 3r  5c 3r
 Great Great Grandchildren  Great Great Grand Niece/Nephew  1c 4r  2c 4r  3c 4r  4c 4r  5c 4r