The Search For Jacky Frost Has Ended!
The lyrics to this song were adapted from the poem, "Jacky Frost", by Laura E. Richards. You can find this poem in the collection "Tirra Lirra Rhymes Old and New" by Laura E. Richards. Thanks to Dianne of ATL Books for providing the information about Laura E. Richards. This invaluable clue helped me to track down the music.
The music was composed by Eleanor Smith, who included the song in her music textbooks designed for children. These textbooks are over 100 years old. You can find the song in "The Common School Book of Vocal Music" by Eleanor Smith. She adapted the poem just slightly to fit her melody.

Illustration: "Jack Frost" by Oliver Herford.
Used with permission. Courtesy American Art Archives.


Jacky Frost, Jacky Frost,
Came in the night;
Left the meadows that he crossed,
All gleaming white.
Painted with his silver brush
Every window-pane.
Kissed the leaves and made them blush,
Blush and blush again.
Jacky Frost, Jacky Frost,
Crept around the house,
Sly as a silver fox,
Still as a mouse.
Out our little Jenny came,
Blushing like a rose;
Up jumped Jacky Frost,
And pinched her little nose.

Coming Soon: A MIDI file to listen to the melody, and download.

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