Descendants of Samuel John McClenaghan, born 1862, Princeton, N.J.; died 1922, Princeton, N.J. Wife: Anna Bishop Marsh.

(1) Anna Marguerite McClenaghan, never married.

(2) Esther, died in childhood, 1918.

(3) Willis Crowell McClenaghan, born 1893, died 1966.


Willis Crowell McClenaghan had one child, Willis Crowell McClenaghan, Jr.. Born 1922, Princeton, N.J. Died 1976, Anaheim, CA.

Willis Crowell McClenaghan, Jr. had four children:

Daniel Crowell McClenaghan, born 1947

Timothy John McClenaghan, born 1949 (author of this web site)

Steven Robert McClenaghan, born 1952.

Peggy Marlene McClenaghan, born 1954.


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